Core Essentials
When kids  treat others rightmake smart decisions , and  maximize their potential , our homes, schools, and community become places where learning happens, productivity rises, and behavioral battles lessen.  All because something amazing happens with these big three items.  Children taking the time to  treat others rightmake smart decisions , and  maximize their potential , begin to feel good about themselves.
We know this to be true - when we are healthy in relationships, when we carefully make good choices, and when we do our best - we are in a groove.  We feel great about ourselves and others.  This can happen for our children too when we spend time nurturing and developing these three simple skills.
Our Core Essentials program is just one of the many items we use in Brenham ISD to help our children with the
"Big 3"
"Treat others right."
"Make smart decisions."
"Maximize their potential."

Watch the video below to find out Core Essentials overall goal. 

September Core Value