Sweet Spot Snack Fundraiser

As Mr. Ogg announced earlier, current events have cancelled our PE and Music Fundraiser.  We are so sorry for the additional burden this has placed on you. You have been so supportive, that there will never be enough words to thank you for all your work on this fundraiser, and previous ones too.  But know that your efforts have truly blessed our kids with new experiences and equipment to enjoy. We are grateful for your support and understanding during this difficult time.

60 Minutes A Day!

Here are some resources to help keep your kids moving every day.  Join them and you will feel great too! The goal is to move and have fun. Let your child know that at any time they can substitute a move, get water, or rest if they need to.

P.E with Joe - London fitness coach, Joe Wicks has daily energetic 30 minute workouts for kids. Plus, your kids can work on their British accents. Lovely!

34 Minutes of KIDZ Bop Dance Along Videos - This YouTube video will have you dancing with your kids!

GoNoodle - Gets kids up and moving to fun, engaging content and games.

Can't Stop the Feeling- GoNoodle - 3.2 minute YouTube dance along to a kids' favorite.

Kids Workout 1 for Beginners - 16 minute YouTube video with Moe Jones.

Kids HIIT Workout 2 - 31 minute YouTube video with Moe Jones.

American Heart Association- 25 Ways to Get Moving at Home.

Avengers Endgame- Kids Tabata Workout - 4.2 minute Avenger's themed workout.

Cosmic Yoga Kids - Mixes Yoga, storytelling, and fun!