An April 10th message from Coach Reeves (Stewart):
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Challenge # 1

Teach someone our stretch routine, and do it daily.

Do 12 repetitions of each.

Sit and touch toes

V-Sit, bend and use both hands to touch left foot, then right foot, then touch both feet, trying to touch the floor with your head.

Pull one leg to you side and touch the other foot.  Switch.

"Blue box", left leg, then right.

Child's pose.

Push-up hold.


Child's pose.

Push-up hold.










Challenge #2

Walk outside for at least 45 minutes, and while you walk look for an interesting bug, butterfly, or plant.  If you have a phone, take a picture of it.  When you go inside, Google it. 
What is its name?
Is there something cool, weird, or special about it?

If you would like to, ask your parent if you can e-mail the picture and what you learned to: and I will share your findings. :)

The picture above is a Tussock Moth caterpillar.  They like to eat Oak leaves.  Don't touch them!  One touched my shoulder and gave me an itchy rash!  EEK!

Challenge #3

Exercise with YouTube's "PE with Joe" (see the parent's page.) He's great!  Plus, you can work on your British accent!  Jolly good!


Read to someone, or a special "friend".

If you want, ask your parent if you can email a picture of you exercising with Joe or reading a book to a friend and I will post it for your friends to see.


Miss You!!