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Parent Involvement Policy



Brenham ISD is dedicated to providing a quality education for every student in our district. To accomplish this objective, the district will develop and maintain partnerships with parents/caregivers, patrons, and community members; moreover, the district will involve parents/caregivers in all aspects of the various local, state, and federal programs offered in Brenham I.S.D.  The district believes that establishing and maintaining open lines of communication will expand and enhance learning opportunities and create the best learning environment for every child.

Brenham ISD uses Title I funds to provide school-wide services for all students.  BISD will hold at least one meeting annually to review Title I guidelines and services offered through the district.  The district’s current parent involvement policy will be discussed at these meetings.  Parents will be encouraged to become involved in revising and updating the policy as necessary and parent volunteers will be recruited for the various district committee appointments.  The meeting will be held at a convenient time and location; notice of the meeting will be provided through public notices.  Translators will be available to help with Non-English speaking parents/caregivers.

In accordance with Title I regulations, the Title I campuses have developed and will annually update a parent-student compact.  This compact will provide an outline to enable the school and parents/caregivers to share responsibility for student performance and success.  This compact explains how students, parents/caregivers, and staff will share responsibility for promoting student achievement.  The compacts are designed so that both the student and his/her parents can sign this compact.  Students and parents are encouraged to discuss the contents of the compact; they are also encouraged to sign that they are in agreement with the compact and return them to the school.

Brenham ISD will support many varied ways of parental involvement as it strives to develop and maintain an optimum learning environment for all students:
Spanish translators will be provided for parents when needed.
Information and notices will be provided in Spanish.
Parents may contribute through volunteer programs. 
Parents may contribute by creating a supportive home environment.
Parents are invited to participate in parent-teacher conferences.
Parents may participate by attending school meetings (Title I, planning sessions, student programs).
Parents are invited to serve on committees.
Parents are invited to attend the campus open houses.
Parents are surveyed to get their input about school.
Parents are encouraged to attend extra-curricular events and curriculum nights.

Parents/caregivers will be informed of school activities through various avenues of communication throughout the school year; they will be consulted in the design, development, and implementation of the Title I program.  Parents will be invited to attend informational meetings and programs that will be tailored to meet the unique student and parental needs of the Brenham Community.

Newsletters, teacher notes, the school marquee, conferences, personal contacts, websites, phone calls, and written notices will be used to establish and maintain open lines of communication with parents/caregivers.
BISD staff members will be trained in positive communication activities as well as effective ways to work with parents, students, and members of the community.  Brenham staff will maintain a record of parent contacts throughout the school year.

At the beginning of each year, each teacher will distribute the learning goals and standards to the parents of each of their students.  All students will be expected to work toward mastering these goals and objectives.  BISD recognizes the fact that some students will need modifications, accommodations, and/or extra assistance to achieve their full potential; these will be provided to students through the Title I Program and/or other educational services offered through the district or through district contracts.
Brenham ISD will review and evaluate all aspects of the parent involvement program.  Parent surveys including questions about the effectiveness of the program will be distributed by the Title I campuses and the results tabulated.  Teacher surveys and teacher contact records will be used to determine the number and kind of interaction between the school and parents.  The DEIC will revise, if necessary, the district Parent Involvement Policy based on the results of this annual review.

Parent Involvement Policy
The campus will do the following:

1. Involve parents in the joint development of a written parental involvement policy that describes  
    ways of meeting the following requirements in Title 1 

• notification to parents of the policy in an understandable format and language; and

• periodic updates of the policy to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.

2. Hold an annual meeting, at a convenient time, for all parents.  The purpose of this meeting is to:

• inform parents of their school’s participation in the Title 1 program;

• explain the requirements of Title 1; and

• explain the right of parents to be involved.

3. Schedule parent meetings at various times throughout the day.

4. Involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of Title 1 programs, including the school parental involvement policy and the Schoolwide Program Plan.  This will be accomplished in an organized, ongoing, and timely fashion.

5. Provide the following items to parents:

• timely information about Title 1 programs;

• a description and explanation of the curriculum used in school, the academic  assessments used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to reach; and

• opportunities for regular meetings, if requested by parents to:

a. make suggestions;

b. receive timely responses to suggestions; and

c. participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their child.

6. Develop jointly with the parents and caregivers a home-school compact that outlines:

• the shared responsibility of parents, students, and teachers to improve students’ academic achievement.

• the shared responsibility between the school and parents to help children achieve the statewide academic content standards;

• the school’s responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that helps children served under Title 1 meet the statewide academic content standards;

• the ways in which parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning, such as monitoring attendance, homework completion, and providing a place for their child to study;  participating, as appropriate, in decisions related to the education of their children and the positive use of their children’s extracurricular time;

• the importance of ongoing communication between teachers and parents through (at a minimum):

a. parent-teacher conferences, in which the compact shall be discussed in relation to the individual child’s achievement;

b. frequent reports to parents about their children’s progress; and

c. reasonable access to staff.

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