In Brenham, we take pride in doing things well.  We take pride in the students of our school district who have made successful contributions to our community, our state, and our nation.  We take pride in the school district we have, because great things happen here. 

At Krause, we are one big, happy family who sticks together.  Just like a cactus growing in the desert, we know that we have to be patient through the dry spells because our time to bloom will come.  We know that mistakes help us grow, literally! And we know that life is tough but so are we. Speaking of a cactus, we can learn a lot from one of the most resilient plants on the planet.  The first piece of advice is that we should get plenty of sunshine! Second, we want to accentuate the strong points of each person here at Krause. Third, we have to be patient and wait to grow.  For some of us, that happens really fast while for others, it might take a little while longer. Fourth, we know that we have to conserve our resources. And finally, we have to stay sharp! As principal of this amazing campus, I am honored to work with a great group of instructional leaders to provide all our Krause students with the academic and social skills they will need to become successful citizens of our community.  Teaching is the most important career calling in life. It’s about giving more of ourselves, sometimes, so that our students are better each and every day. Please know that you can come visit our campus anytime. Thanks for supporting the educational effort of your child. And please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make our campus better. Brenham ISD and Krause Elementary want what is best for you and your family!  Every day our students hear that they can do anything they set their mind to. I truly believe this! I also truly believe that, through the ups and downs, Krause Elementary sticks together because great things happen in Brenham ISD.