In Brenham, we take pride in doing things well.  We take pride in the students of our school district who have made successful contributions to our community, our state, and our nation.  We take pride in the school district we have, because we have a unified effort to be One Brenham, Better Together….for our students and our staff.  

Here at Krause, we echo the ideas of our entire district in that together, we are better.  Just like a completed building project that takes time, hard work, some ups and downs, planning, investment, and teamwork, we are working together to build the future of our students and doing our part to contribute to Brenham ISD.  I contend that we are architects of learning, planning, designing, and creating the learning process of our students.  We, as teachers, review and make changes so that the foundation we build is strong and can withstand the test of time.  We make sure the materials used in building that foundation are appropriate, measured right, and fit to be used.  We ensure that once the student has begun the construction process, he or she passes inspection, being able to go on to the next level of learning.  Although it may take several years to see the final product during graduation, it is worth the wait because any building that lasts many years has to be built out of sturdy materials, have a good architect, and a construction crew that pays attention to every detail.   As principal of this amazing campus, I am honored to work with a great group of instructional leaders to provide all our Krause students with the academic and social skills they will need to become successful citizens of our community.  Teaching is the most important career calling in life. It’s about giving more of ourselves, sometimes, so that our students are better each and every day. Please know that you can come visit our campus anytime.  Thanks for supporting the educational effort of your child.  And please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make our campus better.  Brenham ISD and Krause Elementary want what is best for you and your family. At Krause, it’s about following a plan, conducting constructive collaboration, developing each other and ourselves, and working as a crew  together to make the students of our school well rounded young men and women who are ready to take on any challenge that might come their way.  In partnership with you, we are truly architects of our student’s future.  We are building the future together, and we are One Brenham, Better Together!

Courtney Mason